Our trip to Berlin Music Week, by Elena and Miroslava from Bulgaria

We are very happy that we had a chance to visit Berlin in September for the Berlin Music Week 2012. We were impressed by the great organization of the hosts, especially keeping in mind that the event was happening at four different places simultaneously.

There were very interesting topics, which were included in the event, and which can be of great interest to anyone who is involved with music. The provided information was very practically oriented and this will surely help us in the future in the professional or leisure lives.

We were also very impressed by the many young people who participated in the event.

And we highly recommend to anyone interested to visit Berlin Music Week.

Last but not least, we found Berlin to be a great city for visitors and we recommend it to anyone who wants to have a nice, interesting and exciting trip!

Elena and Miroslava
Foundation Modern Education and Science

all2gethernow September Activities


all2gethernow Activities in September 2012
We have three #a2n_salons coming up: 18./25./28. September – but first: 

Thank you: #a2n_werkstatt – 2 full inspiring days on making music and related survival strategies 

Thank you all who participated in #a2n_werkstatt @ noisy Musicworld on 6/7 September, during Berlin Music Week! 

Check out some first impressions of Day 1, and Day 2. And a first full set of pictures (Day 1, Day 2). More pictures and pieces of documentation are soon to come! 

 Feedback Survey
To all those of you who participated in #a2n_werkstatt – Please take 5 min to share your feedback here:

There were so many great people around! Thank you all for coming and participating – from the #a2n_werkstatt teamand all partners. 


If you think that’s it .. September has much more to offer from our end, voilà: 

Upcoming #a2n_salons in September: 

 Tue, 18. September, 7 pm: #a2n_salon :: Do-It-Together – Building our own Music Industry @ Supermarkt 

Artists producing, recording, distributing and promoting an album in a collaborative process. The Berlin-based international artist collective A Headful of Bees take the album production of singer songwriter Eric Eckhart as a test case, and engage in a collaborative “D-I-T” album production process for a week, at Supermarkt Berlin. The idea to the project was inspired by all2gethernow activities, yeah! Get an introduction to the project at the #a2n_salon.
More Info:http://www.all2gethernow.de/a2n_salon-do-it-together-building-our-own-music-industry-tue-18-september-2012-7-pm-supermarkt/
RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/119411114873916/ 

 Tue, 25. September, 6 pm – #a2n_salon :: Conversation with ZOE KEATING @ Grüner Salon 

We are happy to welcome Zoë Keating back in Berlin, to talk about her music and share her experiences with her DIY approach on the business side of things. Check her talk at a2n in 2010. The #a2n_salon with Zoë will be followed by a concert at Grüner Salon. Entry to the #a2n_salon is free, the concert is 12 EUR VVK / 15 EUR AK.
More Info:  http://www.all2gethernow.de/a2n_salon-conversation-with-zoe-keating-tue-25-sept-6-pm-gruner-salon/

Foto by Jeffrey Rusch. 

 Fri, 28. September, 12:30 (lunch time) – #a2n_salon :: Music Online Everywhere – But what´s in for the musicians? @ Social Media Week, Naherholung Sternchen 

In cooperation with Social Media Week Berlin, we have invited Gerrit Schumann (CEO Simfy),rightclearing.com´s Jonas Brander and C3Sfounder Wolfgang Senges to dicuss streaming and new means of online-collaboration in the music business. They will be confronted with the artist´s perspective represented by Fritz Krings of VUT. Marcel Weiss, online-music expert and blogger will moderate a thrilling and controversial discussion.
For those of you who want to stay on – there will be a recap session on #a2n_werkstatt and other Berlin Music Week activities at 2 pm.
More info: http://www.all2gethernow.de/a2n_salon-music-online-everywhere-but-what%c2%b4s-in-for-the-musicians-fri-28-september-1230-am-social-media-week/
RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/463533460354311/ 

We look forward to seeing you at the #a2n_salons!
Best wishes from all2gethernow! 

FOTOS taken at #a2n_werkstatt, by DANNY IBOVNIK


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The Ramones Museum: Berlin

As I posted yesterday, I was in Berlin last week for the Berlin Music Week. I took advantage of my time in the city to visit the Ramones Museum, somewhere I had long wanted to go. I wasn’t disappointed. Simply, for me, it is the best museum of popular music I have been to. I think this is because it is one person’s vision and one person’s passion. Flo Hayler is that person. A music journalist and avid Ramones fan, Flo came into the museum especially so I could talk to him, here is the interview:

VID00001 2 from Jez Collins on Vimeo.

What I loved about the museum was the quality of the material Flo has collected for the last 25 years or so but also the way the museum has been set it out. It is visually stimulating and freshingly free of any interactive elements, which means you take your time looking at the material on display. Everything is hand built by Flo and his friends. Also it is not overwhelming. I spent about three hours here, because it felt like I was in someone’s house and therefore relaxed. After, I had a coffee and a sandwich and read the dedications wall signed by all the musicians who had visited and played there. And that was the other great thing for me, the space wasn’t ‘just’ a museum but a venue, cafe and hang out space. I loved it, you should go!


Berlin Music Week

As part of a pan European project that BCU are involved with called Cross Innovation, I was invited back to Berlin to speak at a conference about Cross Innovation that took place during the Berlin Music Week about cross innovation in my Birmingham Music Archive. I spoke about how cross innovation has always been a part of the music industries and spoke of three projects, this Leonardo project, Destination Birmingham: Birmingham A Music City and the Birmingham Music Archive, where cross innovation practice is central to the projects, or as is the case with the BMA, it is being developed. For example, I’m working with architects in rebuilding lost music venues in order to recreate them online and further still, working with sound engineers to realise the sounds of those venues. So cross innovation in the broadest sense and how it links seemingly disparate disciplines and practices to create new ways of understanding and presenting music heritage.

Being in Berlin again also enabled me to get a better understanding of the interplay taking place in the city with vocational training, independant music organisations and the wider music industry. Berlin Music Week consisted of a number of workshops, discussions and panels ranging from a heavy hitting panel of expereinced music industry workers talking about copyright and the future of music, to our own Andrea Goetzke from New Thinking and All 2gether Now who organised a series of talks and events with the Noisy Musicworld Acadmey in their buildings. This was similar to a fringe event for the Berlin Music Week and it was really well attended when I was there. Andrea is going to post more about this and about Noisy Musicworld Academy and their vocational training and how this links with the wider Berlin/German music industry soon.

And of course I got to see some great music, particulary in the club West Germany which is in an old car park!

I also had the pleasure of meeting up with Elena and Miroslava from the Foundation of Modern Education and Science, our Bulgarian partners and Emilia from MOKK, our Hungarian partner where we agreed a course of action for the second year of the project.


Las Dos Cervecitas


The Kpacita team, @margaojedaIsrael Sánchez and myself joined Paul & Jez (AKA las dos cervecitas) in Berlin as we had been unable to get to the first meeting in Birmingham, to take advantage of the programme they had put together and to talk projects.

I recorded a video of Paul & Jez talking about their experience of Berlin and also about one of the ideas we had discussed, Kfé Innovación. Kfé is an experimental methodology for debate and citizen action in which simultaneous meetings take place in venues worldwide and experiences are shared via social media and the use of hashtags to ensure communication and knowledge transeference. Anybody can host a “Kfé” following some simple guidelines (and we encourage you to do so!)

Here’s the video then – the quality isn’t so good due to the lighting in the venue and it’s unedited so you can enjoy it in all the original glory (bear in mind it was filmed just after the presentation by Paul & Jez and on the last evening of a very intense few days in Berlin 😉 ).



Las Dos Cervecitas from chris pinchen on Vimeo.