Mapping Cultures

Pleased to announce the publication of this book which contains a chapter that I wrote with Jez Collins of the Birmingham Music Archive.


Place, Practice Performance

Edited by Les Roberts, University of Liverpool

 ‘This collection gives a widely spread voice to the widening acknowledgement of what maps mean and do; how and where they occur. Comprising a series of related but distinctive, lively, well worked and critically engaging chapters, the book will find readers across a range of disciplines and subjects.’ David Crouch, University of Derby, UK
1. Mapping Cultures – a Spatial Anthropology, Les Roberts
2. Critical Literary Cartography: Text, Maps and a Coleridge Notebook, David Cooper
3. Mapping Rohmer: Cinematic Cartography in Post-war Paris, Richard Misek
4. Cinematic Cartography: Projecting Place Through Film, Les Roberts
5. Walking, Witnessing, Mapping: An Interview with Iain Sinclair, David Cooper and Les Roberts
6. Maps, Memories and Manchester: the Cartographic Imagination of the Hidden Networks of the Hydraulic City, Martin Dodge and Chris Perkins
7. Urban Musicscapes: Mapping Music-making in Liverpool, Sara Cohen
8. Mapping the Soundscapes of Popular Music Heritage, Paul Long and Jez Collins
9. Walking Through Time: Use of Locative Media to Explore Historical Maps, Chris Speed
10. Salford 7/ District Six. The Use of Participatory Mapping and Material Artefacts in Cultural Memory Projects, Lawrence Cassidy
11. ‘Spatial Stories’: Maps and the Marketing of the Urban Experience, Gary Warnaby
12. Mapping My Way: Map-making and Analysis in Participant Observation, Hazel Andrews
13. Mental Maps and Spatial Perceptions: The Fragmentation of Israel-Palestine, Efrat Ben Ze’ev
14. Peripatetic Box and Personal Mapping: From Studio to Classroom to City, Simonetta Moro
15. The Anthropology of Cartography, Denis Wood

Les Roberts is a Research Associate at the University of Liverpool. He is author of Film, Mobility and Urban Space (2012) and co-editor ofLiminal Landscapes (2012).

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