The Ramones Museum: Berlin

As I posted yesterday, I was in Berlin last week for the Berlin Music Week. I took advantage of my time in the city to visit the Ramones Museum, somewhere I had long wanted to go. I wasn’t disappointed. Simply, for me, it is the best museum of popular music I have been to. I think this is because it is one person’s vision and one person’s passion. Flo Hayler is that person. A music journalist and avid Ramones fan, Flo came into the museum especially so I could talk to him, here is the interview:

VID00001 2 from Jez Collins on Vimeo.

What I loved about the museum was the quality of the material Flo has collected for the last 25 years or so but also the way the museum has been set it out. It is visually stimulating and freshingly free of any interactive elements, which means you take your time looking at the material on display. Everything is hand built by Flo and his friends. Also it is not overwhelming. I spent about three hours here, because it felt like I was in someone’s house and therefore relaxed. After, I had a coffee and a sandwich and read the dedications wall signed by all the musicians who had visited and played there. And that was the other great thing for me, the space wasn’t ‘just’ a museum but a venue, cafe and hang out space. I loved it, you should go!


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