Ann Branch explains Creative Europe at Eurosonic Noorderslag Conference

Our visit to Groningen was interesting and informative in so many different aspects that rather than providing a single summarising account, I am opting for creating a number of posts that deal with different themes. Also, many important themes are covered in Matt Grimes’ account, so I will not repeat those points.

At the Eurosonic Noorderslag conference, I listened to Ann Branch (Head of Unit, Culture Programme and Actions, European Commission) explain the importance of the EU’s new Culture Programme for the music industries (EU Funding for the Cultural and Creative Sectors, 10 January 2013 15:00). The second half of the panel consisted of Sylvain Pasqua (Policy Officer, Culture Programme and Actions, European Commission) talking about how EU Cohesion Policy Fundscan be used for strategic cultural investment.

My summary of Ann Branch’s talk is attached – and here you find some related links:

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Ann Branch explaining Creative Europe

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