all2gethernow: Training activities for Musicians and People they work with


all2gethernow is a German association founded in 2009 with the objective to work on new strategies in music business and music culture, through bringing people together for discussions, exchanges of perspectives and experiences, and mutual learning.

With newthinking, we have collaborated with all2gethernow in producing various events for musicians and people they work with. Some examples are documented here:

November 2011: a2n Unconvention Factory At the a2n Unconvention Factory, all2gethernow in cooperation with Un-Convention, converted the Kater Holzig gallery in Berlin in a recording studio, and produced an album in a day, with 9 tracks by different artists. Designers, photographers, web developers, producers, musicians … who didn’t know each other before, came together in the morning – and had jointly produced an album together by the following day. The event was open for everyone to pass by, engage, ask questions. The album is available on CD in screenprinted CD cases alongside with posters, and as digital download (finetunes, iTunes) and stream (Simfy, soundposter):

September 2012: #a2n_werkstatt – The #a2n_werkstatt is a training event for musicians and people they work with, with various workshops, coaching sessions and hands-on experiments. all2gethernow has produced #a2n_werkstatt events over several years. The 2-day #a2n_werkstatt in 2012 is documented in German and with pictures here:,

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