Las Dos Cervecitas


The Kpacita team, @margaojedaIsrael Sánchez and myself joined Paul & Jez (AKA las dos cervecitas) in Berlin as we had been unable to get to the first meeting in Birmingham, to take advantage of the programme they had put together and to talk projects.

I recorded a video of Paul & Jez talking about their experience of Berlin and also about one of the ideas we had discussed, Kfé Innovación. Kfé is an experimental methodology for debate and citizen action in which simultaneous meetings take place in venues worldwide and experiences are shared via social media and the use of hashtags to ensure communication and knowledge transeference. Anybody can host a “Kfé” following some simple guidelines (and we encourage you to do so!)

Here’s the video then – the quality isn’t so good due to the lighting in the venue and it’s unedited so you can enjoy it in all the original glory (bear in mind it was filmed just after the presentation by Paul & Jez and on the last evening of a very intense few days in Berlin 😉 ).



Las Dos Cervecitas from chris pinchen on Vimeo.

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