The IMMHIVE project is lead by Birmingham City University and includes collaboration with 9 European organisations.

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Lead Organisation: Birmingham City University


Location: Birmingham, UK

Birmingham City University is a Higher Education organisation. Scholars in the School of Media have research knowledge and pedagogical expertise in the study of music industries.

Birmingham City University will act as the lead partner in this project as it has built up extensive partnerships with industry and educational organizations who populate this field of study.

The context for this network is two fold.

Firstly, there has been a prodigious growth in recent years in projects attending to music heritage – across high and popular cultural forms. Such projects have a part to play in nurturing cultural identity and civic pride, especially when manifest in accessible forms online.

Secondly, with the advent of ‘digital age’, the music industries have undergone some of the greatest challenges to their business models and practices and have yet to respond adequately to the new cultural practices of online communities. Across policy and practice in music commerce and heritage, the challenges of digital practice and consumption are similar. Research and pedagogical innovation have much to offer European music industries and its cultural heritage. The expertise and interests of this network will seek to develop new projects.

Partner Organisations

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Partner: Newthinking Communications GmbH


Location: Berlin, Germany

Newthinking communications GmbH is an agency for digital culture and the digital society, based in Berlin. We are particularly interested in social media, open source approaches, creative commons, and new strategies for music and culture in the digital age. Our company has three departments:

Event Department: Organization and curating of events and workshops, ranging from large conferences, as the all2gethernow ( or the re:publica (, to smaller workshops, e.g. on open design, digital activism or barcamp-like technology events. Most of the workshops and conferences we organize can be classified as vocational training and discuss issues of relevance for enhanced professional practices.

IT + Web Department: Online communication consultancy and web development, particularly specialized on participatory and open source platforms, such as Drupal.
Consultancy Department: research and analysis, content production, project development and management on issues media politics, open source strategies, social media strategies, etc.

CMC Dublin

Partner: Contemporary Music Centre Ltd


Location: Dublin, Ireland

  • To promote and document new Irish music
  • To develop audiences for new Irish music through a range of activities and events
  • To maintain and develop an archive of Irish composers’ music
  • To provide support through information and advice for those who are involved in new music
  • To foster an awareness of new Irish music within third level/vocational education sectors through outreach activities and the development of specialised resources

There is a need for CMC to engage with practitioners at a European level in order to share information on the development of digital cultural resources, and to learn and discover ways in which these resources can be used to benefit cultural tourism.

CMC would also welcome the opportunity of involvement in this project as a way of developing links with the vocational education sector, and in establishing best practice in how its resources can be tailored towards students.
Composers, musicians, educators, students, music professionals (promoters, programmers), media professionals.


Partner: Foundation Modern Education and Science


Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

FMES’s main objectives are to:

  • promote education, training and lifelong learning, with a view to improving quality of life in Bulgaria;
  • stimulate debates and deliberations on current problems of society, education and science;
  • contribute to the development of civil society and of dialogue among institutions;
  • promote the transfer and adoption of novel international methods and practices in Bulgarian education.

FMES’ activities include creation of youth networks; promotion of youth participation in the decision-making process at all levels of government; organization of trainings, seminars and conferences; popularization of modern methods of education and the use of information and communication technologies; promotion of links between business and educational institutions; fundraising for initiatives benefitting the public; research and analysis on social and educational issues.

FMES is founder of the Raiko Tsonchev High School of Tourism and Entrepreneurship in Dobrich (BG). Young people are initiative, creative and bearers of the novel tendencies and drawing their attention to the richness of the cultural heritage, and musical heritage in particular, is the best way to ensure its preservation and endurance.
With the processes of globalization and integration in Europe and the world unfolding with a full strength, the importance of cultural preservation becomes a matter of substantial importance. Music and digital media have a big share in the young people’s lives and by exploiting these existent interests we believe that we can draw their attention to the musical heritage and help preserve and popularize the musical achievements and diversity of the past.
Our organization targets a number of age groups, among which the most widely-represented are young people who are in a process of completion of their high school and university education and the ones directly involved in education such as high school teachers and university lecturers.


Partner: Kpacita SCA


Location: Seville, Spain

  • Management, delivery, evaluation, assesment & development  of innovative methodologies in face 2 face, blended and distance learning applied both to formal and informal training as well as continuos teacher training.
  • Technological platforms & development of collaborative, corporate & training environments in Internet or Intranets, along with the promotion & marketing of them.
    Content creation & adaptation for training & virtual environments.
  • Planning, assesment & consultancy for the development and  implementation of projects, methodology & content.
  • We are experts in methodologies & support for all types of training, especially online & blended learning.

We also create, design and implement content for diverse educational institutions in different fields: teacher training, business training, health, new technology, equality, artistic & cultural patrimony etc.

Teachers & educators. Content creation, defining of methodologies

Women entrepreneurs. Selection of educational topics, training & learning. Advice on new technology.

Artistic & cultural heritage researchers. Content creation. Methodology assessment & advice.


Partner: Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber (TIHC)


Location: Heraklion, Greece

Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber (TIHC) was established with a decision of the Ministry of National Economy in 1950. This decision concerns the operation of a professional training centre with a regional dimension. In 2001 TIHC was certified as a peripheral Vocational Training Centre for the Region of Crete in the following sectors:

  • Informatics
  • Tourism & Services sector
  • Economy & Business Administration
  • Transportation & Technical Professions

Since 2000, Technical Institute of Heraklion Chamber has implemented many professional training programs for unemployed, employers, employees and entrepreneurs. The close cooperation between Heraklion Chamber of Commerce & Industry and TIHC has guided to a dynamic and long run involvement of both organizations in a series of European Projects as well as Networks that support SMEs with the most important being the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

bme logo

Partner: Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem


Location: Budapest, Hungary

MOKK is an acadmically embedded new media think tank jointly founded by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Hungarian Telekom in 2002. Situated within an engineering sciences institutional context, the centre explores the social uses, economic, legal and cultural consequences of emerging digital media technologies and applications. Our main objectives remain unchanged since: building a theoretical knowledge base and forging an inter-disciplinary network of experts through innovative research, developing and providing academic and corporate training programmes, and offering practical insights and consultancy on current trends and particular problem areas to corporate partners and policy makers.


Partner: New Music Labs BV


Location: Groningen, The Netherlands

New Music Labs is a Groningen (Netherlands) based company that creates tools & concepts for the music industry; websites, Mobile Apps and a tool for monitoring Social Media presence called Tribe Monitor. New Music Labs also creates and executes viral marketing concepts for established and upcoming artists.

We get our kicks out of helping you get your music heard. New Music Labs offers new media consultancy to many of their clients. Clients vary from major labels like Sony Music and Universal to small upcoming local artists.

By organizing Un-Convention every year during the Eurosonic/Noorderslag musicconference we like to spread our ideas and get inspired ourselves. Our consultancies reach from helping artists start a Facebook page till strategic advice on how to act as a company in musicindustry these days.
Building creative concepts for music industry and consulting from small independent artists and professionals  to major labels on new media young starting music proffesionals, artists and marketing managers.


Partner: Tampereen ammattiopisto


Location: Tampere, Finland

Tampere College is a part of Tampere Upper Secondary

  • 4800 certificate students (vocational qualifications)
  • 3000 adult students (specialist qualifications, further qualifications and short courses)
  • 550 staff members
  • co-operation with firms and other employers
  • international students
  • study programmes in English (Forestry)
  • Intercultural Education/Immigrant EducationWe have strong heritage music culture and a lot of workshops and festivals during the whole year in Finland.
  • Tampereen ammattiopisto Media and Communication department is one of the most equipped and skilled tv, video and multimedia broadcasting units in Finland among the vocational schools


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