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From the outset of this project it was one of our aims to produce a best practice guide for models of vocational education and content development around innovative media relevant and attractive to employers and trainees of the music industry.

Across this website we have collated many insights and reference points to our project concerns which present themselves as a potential resource for those interested in music industries, heritage, digital production and vocational education.

Ultimately, the project partners here are the most valuable resource for anyone interested in these fields. Thus, what you will find below are a series of files that capture us talking about what we do best. In each case, partners talk about their backgrounds in education or music, in public or private sectors. Each gives some sense of the context in which they operate, their organization as well as the challenges and opportunities presented to them across the EU.

You’ll find then that this ‘guide’ presents only a snapshot of the work of each partner, their interactions and perception of the issues facing them. We hope that as a resource therefor, you’ll find it useful to post comments and ask questions to us directly about these insights as a lead for your own work.

Dr Paul Long, Birmingham City University

NB: The content on this page has been made available on a number of different digital platforms, enabling you to explore either in part or whole.

Emilia Barna (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Sociology and Communication) & Paul Long (Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research, BCU)in conversation – Part 1

Emilia Barna & Paul Long in conversation – Part 2

Andrea Goetzke (newthinking communications GmbH) Introduces herself and her activities

Andrea Goetzke on IMMHIVE core issues

Andrea Goetzke on Vocational Education

Andrea Goetzke on The German Music Industry

Andrea Goetzke on the All2gether Now organisation

Andrea Goetzke and Wieland Kramer (Powerline Agency)

Matt Grimes, Degree Leader on the Music Industries degree program at BCU, along with Craig Hamilton, visiting lecturer on the Music Industries pathway, discuss their methods with Dr Paul Long

Elena Kostadinova, Foundation Modern Science and Education, Bulgaria

Jonathan Grimes (CMC, Dublin, Irelend) and Dr Paul Long (BCU) in coversation:

Part 1

Part 2

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