Documenting the sounds of Berlin.

Laura Dawson is a graduate of the Birmingham School of Media who specialises in radio (that’s a word which encompasses everything from old-fashioned broadcasting ‘over the air’ to podcasting and sound sculptures nowadays). Laura is also a big fan of house music and a skilled documentarist.

Like the best artists and thinkers, she decided to bring together her enthusiasm, skill and knowledge and has produced a range of work that deserves to be heard by IMMHIVE project partners as well as a wider audience.

Laura set herself a task for her final year project of visiting Berlin and ‘investigating’ its most famous dance clubs. The portrait that she paints is a real labour of love and truly engaging.

For those of us involved in this project, it offers a perspective on the importance of music culture and economy to the identity of a city like Berlin – for natives and visitors both.

As an innovative piece of sound work, it indicates how we might capture these insights as well as communicating with a wide set of stakeholders about the value of music and ways of making sense of it.

Laura’s adventures in Berlin are captured in a post for Igloo magazine and samples of her sound productions can be heard on her Mixcloud page.